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Meet Ema

Founder & principal Wedding Planner

"I simply love what I do. It's a blessing to be part of the most exciting day in a couple's life. It's exciting and rewarding to build a strong relationship along the planning process. When I look at their faces on the wedding day and I see tears of joy, my heart smiles... For me it's not just planning a wedding; it's giving them that unique experience they will treasure forever."


Emanuela Giangreco Liebowitz 

Ema Giangreco

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My furry assistants



Mummy is a tenacious workaholic… She even involved me in a photo shoot! But I was happy and proud to be a model for this Bohemian inspirational wedding.
When you Skype with her… you might hear me barking in the background… but it's just to say HI to you…
WoOf WoOf…



I am Mom's little girl (despite my sister Charlotte is younger). We love each other deeply…
When she is on her desk (which is pretty often!) my favorite place is sitting on her lap and being cuddled.
And every time I start purring, she can't help kissing me… no matter how busy she is.

What's inspiring me right now…

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