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Your perfect
destination wedding

EMA Giangreco is a boutique wedding planning service which specializes in tailored destination weddings in Europe and Florida.

Whether you're planning a glamorous affair in Venice, imagining a celebration in Tuscany or Amalfi Coast, or eloping in Greece, I will help you find the most breathtaking place where to enjoy your unique day to the fullest.
If instead you wish a beautiful beach wedding, Florida is the place you want to be !

When it comes to destination weddings, I do believe that what really matters is the entire experience, and not only the wedding day.

I am committed in creating a design that will make your hearts smile, crafting moments that will bring tears to your eyes and giving you something extra special with my utmost care and dedication.

Your destination wedding will simply be an unforgettable journey; your Once-in-a-Lifetime day in a One-of-a-kind Destination!



Lauren & Joshua

from Fort Lauderdale (CA)

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I do not know how to convey the gratitude I have for you! You made my vision for the most important day of my life, come to life! I was so nervous (which you know). Planning the day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl is hard enough, then add having it on another continent and not being able to see anything in person until 2 days before, lets just say I'm lucky Josh still wanted to marry me with the stress I was feeling. None of that fazed you...you re-assured me every step of the way that it would be perfect and it was! Through all of my craziness, you never once were flustered. You kept me inline, and managed my expectations. There is nothing worse than someone who just says "yes, yes, yes" when they know that it can't be done. You kept everything in perspective. You said "No, that won't work" or "Let's try this" when and idea seemed unrealistic, and for that I thank you! You did not over look even the smallest detail. The flowers for the chuppah were perfect, the table was amazing!!! EVERYTHING!!! It was a fairy tale. I felt like a princess!
You were attentive and always nearby when I needed you! You went the extra mile to ensure that the welcome reception went well, that the rehearsal dinner went as planned and that should anything be wrong that it was handled and I was none the wiser.
Your vendors were great! Eva did such a fantastic job, I felt beautiful and how I always pictured myself looking as a bride.
I can not tell you how many people said that it was absolutely gorgeous!! Now even though there were only 36 people there...there were 140 people back home that watched the live-stream of our wedding!!! All I have heard was that it was the most beautiful wedding that they have ever been to, and Ema that is thanks to you.
Your smile and cheerful demeanor have become ingrained in my memory. You have become not just my wedding planner, but my friend.
All the best, and all my love!!!
Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Lauren Rotenberg